No one is trying to look older by letting their skin go—but even if you don’t want a complicated skin regime to beat back the ticking of the clock, there are simple steps you can take to help it look and stay younger with minimal time and effort, like supporting skin health with colloidal copper.

There are two huge basics to skin care (and health!) that every man and woman should follow: drinking plenty of water, and wearing a moisturizer with sunblock.

Drinking water is mostly self-explanatory; dehydration can make you feel sick, fast. But water is also flushing toxins, plumping skin, and doing so much more. In the sun or out of the sun, staying hydrated is rule 1 for good skin care.

Sunblock is rule 2. Sunscreen occasionally gets a bad rap, but the studies are overwhelmingly in support, and it’s super easy to verify with your own experience. Sun ages you, it can cause wrinkles, spotting, and eventually, leathery looking skin—plus, it can cause cancer. The easiest way to get sunscreened up for an average day is to have one in your moisturizer. Both men and women should moisturize any exposed skin (treat your chest like your face).

And add this to your health basics: colloidal copper. Copper is an essential nutrient throughout the body, and skin can’t stay firm or smooth without it. Copper is used in the production of collagen and elastin, and adding a little nano copper directly to your skin provides that building block for better skin.

Just spray colloidal copper to your skin and let air dry before applying your moisturizer. If you already use colloidal silver for acne and other blemishes, you can absolutely use them together.

Colloidal copper provides copper in a small, easy for cells to use form, and at a much cheaper price than creams that use it as an ingredient. Get more, get it better, and get it everywhere your skin needs it with colloidal copper.

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