Woman Skin in MirrorAge spots, dark shadows, and aging before our time (thanks to stress, pollution, or sometimes just genes working against us) are skin problems we can fight against.

While there’s colloidal silver, to help support skin with small wounds like acne, or colloidal copper to replenish your skin so it can become more firm and smooth, there’s also Humic and Fulvic minerals, which help fight against free radicals, and deliver skin complex nutrients. The Humic and Fulvic minerals in Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator supports skin against aging and imperfections.

What are Humic and Fulvic Minerals? They’re micronutrients that come from pesticide-free organic soil. It’s not just dirt, it’s the fossilized remains of ancient forests, which is why it’s so nutrient rich. As a daily supplement (like Immune System Regenerator), Humic and Fulvic Minerals (which are acidic, aka Humic and Fulvic Acid) it provides extra nutrients and support, the sort of nutrients we should be (but aren’t) getting from our depleted, over-farmed soil.

Humic and Fulvic Minerals offer support at a cellular level, which is why they work so well on skin, since nutrients can be absorbed right in, helping to restore skin cells and fight signs of tiredness, aging, and increasing a look and feel of healthy, fresh skin.

Everyone has a different skin type, but Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator isn’t an oily or greasy product that will upset the balance of your skin. In fact, it’s another colloid, or in other words, a suspension of minerals and nutrients in water. It can go on under make-up or sunscreen, or be left as the only thing you apply after a shower (or spray it alongside one of our skin supporting colloids for support that meets your needs).

What are your biggest skin gripes and solutions? Share with us in the comments:

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