Pumpkin Soup in Copper PotGenetics (and even local climate) can impact your “skin type”, whether you’re dry, oily, or mixed (the common categories). Proper skin care usually means figuring out what your type is then choosing the right soaps, oils, and products to use. But there are a couple of products you can choose without so much detective work, because they support healthy, firm, glowing skin in all skin types!

The big one to have in your corner? Colloidal copper. Copper is one of those minerals that is lacking in most diets in part due to deficient soil, in part a change in what utensils, pots, and and other accoutrements fill our homes.

Why a colloid? For minerals like copper, silver, gold, and more, a colloid is a safe, easily absorbed form that’s easy to adjust to your diet.

-The nanoparticle size of our colloids means copper absorbs and passes easily to where it’s needed.
-They’re pure copper, not a compound, and not the more dangerous ionic forms.
-You can easily adjust how much copper is in your diet and fit your own needs (as well as spray it right onto your skin for direct support!). After all, you don’t want too much copper in your diet, and there’s no one-size-fits all amount. Take soil (since I already mentioned it), some people might be in a region with a little more copper in their soil, or may already seek out foods because they are higher in minerals like copper. With a colloid, you can balance your dietary needs to perfectly suit you.

How does copper help skin? It’s actually essential for healthy, firm skin! Copper is used in the production of elastin and collagen, which are what make skin firm. And not just skin, this same “firmness” gives strength to your cardiovascular system. That’s in addition to other important roles copper plays throughout the body.

If you’re skin needs a boost, it’s a good time to get started! After summer is when most people feel and look their best, take steps to keep that feeling going all year long with colloidal copper.

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