It’s not the shock of looking in the mirror and realizing you aren’t 16 anymore that will get you. New research has linked forehead wrinkles (having two or more) with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Even when controlling for other factors like age, other diseases, smoking, etc., having wrinkles on the forehead was a clear indicator of an increased risk.

Wrinkles are a symptom, not a cause. And while they aren’t 100% diagnostic, they’re an at-a-glance way to know you need to get screened for heart disease, and to make sure you’re exercising good heart care.

Getting regular heart check-ups, including a check on cholesterol levels and blood pressure, should be on your radar as you get older (based on whatever your healthcare provider recommends), if you have a family history of heart disease, or if you have other risk factors like diabetes. Now you can add forehead wrinkles to the list (especially if you’re younger).

In addition to screenings, make sure to take care of your heart:

-Exercise. It can be mild, and short. It can be a leisurely stroll down the block. Exercise should be two things: about twenty minutes of activity once a day (ideally something that gets your heart moving, but anything counts), and taking a short walk/stretch around the room once an hour or so to move your body and shake things up. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause issues for your cardiovascular system, including serious ones like Deep Vein Thrombosis.

-Eat well. Various foods will raise or lower your risk of heart disease, but a simplified approach is to focus on getting lots of vegetables. You can add heart supporting nutrients to your diet with a high-quality heart supplement like Mito Cardia CVS.

-Take time to de-stress. Pets can have a soothing effect, or any mental break with your favorite activity.

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