Australia has produced another study on the benefits of red wine, and how it helps reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed in moderation. There are lots of studies on how a little bit of red wine regularly can be helpful, but there are also lots of drawbacks, from the consequences alcohol can bring, to conflicting studies talking about the cancer risk of drinking alcohol.

Instead, try taking the best part of red wine and the grapes that produce them: Resveratrol. Resveratrol is associated with a longer life, and has studies looking at its powerful antioxidant abilities (how it fights free radicals and helps with aging). You can get Resveratrol each day in our Longevity Antioxidant Formula.

Longevity Antioxidant Formula also contains Acai and Maqui berries, which are some of the most power, antioxidant rich berries (and berries that aren’t common in the American diet).

Antioxidants help balance out the average American lifestyle, which includes a diet high in processed/fried foods, a lot of time in the sun, not quite enough physical activity, and other habits that have become tradition. They may help fight aging and other free radical associated health problems.

While it would be great to get enough antioxidants in your diet, most people don’t. And not all antioxidants are created equal. Get a heavy weight in your corner with Longevity Antioxidant Formula. Take one each day for extra support for your diet, exercise, and more.

What are your favorite sources of antioxidants?


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