How About a Mid-Winter Skin Boost


It’s cold, it’s dry, sunlight is scarce, and while you may look rosy pink peeking out of your parka, warm up inside and you may find your skin is looking chalky, gray, and unhealthy. Take care of your skin this winter with a few simple steps, and get your glow back!

First, Make sure you’re giving your skin the right kind of support. Everyone could benefit from a daily moisturizer, and even in winter, that moisturizer should have some sun protection. Sure, if you’re in the far north and shut inside, you get a pass, but many areas are still getting some sun, even if it’s too cold for bathing suits. Moisturizer helps nourish skin, and the right type for your skin helps protect and balance it against aging, make-up, and weather.

Make sure you moisturize all over. Just because you aren’t exposing it as much during the winter, doesn’t mean the rest of your body doesn’t need a little TLC. Keep skin in soft, smooth shape and support its health year round/

Before you moisturize, layer in specific support. Post shower, when you’re skin is dry, give it a boost with either colloidal silver (support against acne, eczema, redness, and more) or colloidal copper (supports firm, smooth skin), or both. Let it air dry, then add in your moisturizer. Sure, some lotions may have these sorts of ingredients, but they cost a lot more and you get a lot less.

In the shower, use a good sugar scrub or pumice stone to exfoliate. (Never use those metal graters, FYI—they cause tearing and can cultivate germs). Dead skin is more prone to building up during winter, and besides being itchy and dry looking it can lead to fungal issues (jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc.).

You can put together a good skin care regime with things you have around the house, including immune supporting colloidal silver and colloidal copper. And don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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