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Our bodies need many types of vitamins and minerals to function their best—but generally, just a few get attention, studies, and advertising!

Silica is a mineral that doesn’t get much attention, but may do many beneficial jobs throughout the body, supporting skin and other tissue, bones, the cardiovascular system, and more!

Colloidal silica is one way to safely add more silica to your diet. But how to take colloidal silica, and why? Let’s look closer at silica and how it supports the body!

What is Colloidal Silica

Colloidal silica is just pure silica and water. 

This is really important to know when you’re looking at how to take silica—because other silica supplements are usually made of herbs with high silica content. But herbs often interact with the body in complex and not necessarily desirable ways! In fact, many silica herbs (like horsetail) have other compounds in them you don’t want, or may even interact with medications!

With colloidal silica, you’re just getting silica—you don’t have to worry about other ingredients, and you can tell exactly how much silica you’re getting! And “how to take colloidal silica” is easy—just take a little as needed (drink it like water).

What Does Colloidal Silica Do?

One of the reasons we know silica may be beneficial is that herbs high in silica have been used for a long time to support skin, connective tissue, and kidney health. 

Now, we know that silica may play a role in collagen formation, which is important for skin, cartilage, cardiovascular health and more! Some studies also think silica may play a role in bone health, helping to get more famous minerals to do what they need to.

Today, people take silica for all sorts of reasons, including supporting younger, healthier skin, supporting tissue like tendons, or supporting bones, cardiovascular health, and more. How to take colloidal silica is easy, because you can take it as needed. It doesn’t have the side-effects of herbal silica sources!

How to Take Colloidal Silica

Start by making sure you have a good quality colloidal silica—one where the only ingredients are silica and water.

Then take the recommended amount, or adjust it a little up and down based on your needs. If you’re mostly healthy or on the younger side still, you might need a little less. If you’re very active physically, a little older, or your skin needs extra support, start out by taking a little more.

How to take colloidal silica is easy—once you’ve measured some out, drink it like water.

How to Take Colloidal Silica Alongside Other Colloidal Supplements

It’s so simple to take colloidal silica, you can take colloidal silica right alongside any other colloidal supplements you may be taking! Just make sure they are all good, pure, high-quality colloidal supplements.

While you can take them together, you may want to spread things out just a little to support better absorption. Most colloidal supplements recommend an empty stomach for this reason (although there should be no harm taking things at once if you’re a busy person).

Most people take colloidal silica and other supplements about 15 minutes before a meal.

How to Take Colloidal Silica with Your Daily Multivitamin

Silica is water-soluble, so there’s little worry about taking too much silica itself. With other silica supplements or sources of silica, there may be other ingredients to worry about—but with colloidal silica, it’s really simple, and you can easily control how much extra you take (or don’t).

If you’re taking high-quality supplements, there should be no issue taking extra silica to support your skin, other tissues, and more. You can take colloidal silica alongside other supplements, or you can spread the nutritional support out throughout the day. Your choice!

Who Needs Colloidal Silica?

While anyone may benefit from learning how to take colloidal silica, some people may need that support more than others!

Sun-damaged skin or skin healing from frequent wounds, athletes/physically active people who need support for their tendons, bones, and more, anyone who might be genetically prone to needing a little more skin or cardiovascular support (etc.!), or anyone who just notices they may benefit from tissue support.

How to take colloidal silica is so safe and simple, you can experiment easily with how much to take to get the best benefit for your skins, bones, and more. Try colloidal silica for skin support, bones support, and more.

MesoSilica Colloidal Silica

MesoSilica colloidal silica is a mineral supplement that is used by many to help improve and maintain their health. With a number of beneficial effects including healthier skin, cartilage and tendon rejuvenation, blood tissue support, and more, try our colloidal silica today. 


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