It may seem like an obvious truism, but do you live it? Taking cues from your body may help you catch diseases early, heal yourself, and live longer. Take the results of some new research: in settling whether naps are beneficial or not, research has revealed that a couple of naps a week may support heart health, as study respondents who napped once or twice per week were able to cut their risk of cardiovascular events (like stroke or heart attack) nearly in half.

What’s at play: people who nap a lot (everyday, for example) tend to have other health issues going on. It’s good that they’re getting the sleep they need, but there’s more affecting their health that they may need to look at. People who never nap are likely pushing through being tired, and not getting the rest they need.

Then there’s the sweet spot: people taking one or two naps a week are likely reacting to their body’s needs, allowing their heart and brain to rest, lowering their stress and anxiety (which ramps up faster when you’re ignoring physical cues and needs), and improving their overall health (and according to other research, productivity).

Here are other ways to take that lesson to heart and listen to your body:

At the first sign of being sick, increase your immune support. That unexplained fatigue, that tickle in your throat, that poor night’s sleep—whatever the first sign is, take action. Rest, eat healthy, and increase your immune support with colloidal silver. Shorten those symptoms or even nip it in the bud by getting in front of it!

Maybe you don’t need a nap, but could still use a break. Consider sitting down with a cup of our Jiaogulan tea to relax while putting something healthy in your body.

Don’t let aching muscles nag at you, protect your comfort and sleep by soothing headaches, tension, knots, and more with Dakota Muscle Relief.


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