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Jiaogulan tea is an herbal tea from a plant traditionally grown in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Jiaoglan’s health benefits, it’s grown in popularity in the west. But what are the benefits of Jiaogulan tea?

In Southeast Asia, Jiaogulan is known as the tea of life. There, it’s been used for centuries to ease stomach upset and improve digestion, support cardiovascular health, aid endurance, and more. Modern studies are exploring and verifying some of the claims about Jiaogulan’s benefits. For instance, it looks like it might support blood pressure in addition to heart health. Because of the complexity of plants (as opposed to extracts), you get more benefits from the whole plant (like drinking tea).

One of those benefits are all the adaptogens that plants like Jiaogulan have. Adaptogen basically just means things that help the body support itself by encouraging balance, or in other words self-regulation to reach a better state.

Jiaogulan’s health benefits go beyond traditional wisdom and what’s being verified by studies. Just the act of sitting down with a cup of tea can calm, the ritual of making one pre-emptively soothing. A few minutes to drink a cup of tea can help erode stress, disrupting the rhythm of the day in a positive way, allowing the brain to do something different, breathe, and then resume with more focus and calm. Choosing a healthier beverage like Jiaogulan tea enhances that experience, supporting the body just as the break supports the mind!

Enjoy a cup of Jiaogulan tea, and start reaping all the potential health benefits.


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