Winter is harsh on skin. It’s cold, it’s dry, and winter diets tend to have more sugar in them. Summer isn’t great on skin either with all the extra UV radiation, but there’s something about winter that leaves skin without luster.

It’s time to give skin a natural boost.

The basics apply year round: drink lots of water, wear a moisturizer with sunblock, and avoid aging your skin with too much smoke, alcohol, or sun. But even when you have the basics down, your skin may still need a little help against aging, which gets us all.

There’s one important nutrient your skin needs that can perk things back up: copper. Copper is important throughout the body. It’s used in the formation of collagen and elastin, which are what make skin look form (they also help keep your cardiovascular system strong and healthy). As we age, our body doesn’t do as well at absorbing nutrients, so even with a healthy diet we can be a little short (and even with a healthy diet, over farming leads certain nutrients to be missing or low in soil). Adding them back in gives your body the building blocks it needs to do things like create healthy looking skin.

Colloidal copper is a daily supplement that you can add to your diet. You don’t need much (and shouldn’t take it at all if you have certain copper-processing genetic conditions). You can also apply colloidal copper right to trouble spots for direct support. Let colloids soak into a fresh face, then apply moisturizer, make-up, etc.

Give your skin a boost so it can be firmer, healthier, glowing skin again. Try colloidal copper for support from the inside and out.

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