Sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, lake and river bacteria/algae, and increased sun starts to take a toll on skin this time of year. Burns, acne, rashes, cuts, scrapes, bites, and more start to show up—often together. Keeping skin clear of all these problems at once can be complicated and expensive (for minor results!) but it doesn’t have to be.

Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator is one of our most well-reviewed products for a reason: results are relatively fast and clear, and it’s very multipurpose, whether you’re concerned about signs of aging, acne, skin irritation, or dark circles and spots.

Made from ancient soil, Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator contains Humic and Fulvic Acid—minerals that have been depleted from modern, over-farmed soil.

The first action of Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator is to deliver micronutrients directly to the skin. These micronutrients penetrate to support cell health, replenishing lost minerals and amino acids. Over time, Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and can help support the skin as it heals from burns, bites, blemishes, and minor cuts and wounds.

It’s not greasy, and it works with your lotion or sunscreen. Just apply Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator to clean skin (you can use it as a toner) wait a bit, then resume your normal skin routine—sunscreen, make-up, whatever.

Other toners and skin-support sold by major skin brands contain a host of unpronounceable (never mind recognizable) ingredients, the best of which have only a touch added, as well as preservatives and more. Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator is natural, with a simple, nutrient-oriented ingredient list. It’s also a much better price than anything marketed in a fashion magazine or at a make-up counter!

Man or woman, young or old refresh summer skin from burns, bites, acne, aging and more with Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator.

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