Black Grapes On the Vine Holiday cookies? Canned anything? Twice baked yummies? There’s so many delicious foods to enjoy this time of year, but very few are packed with antioxidants—and the ones that are are typically matched cup for cup with sugar, (hopefully just) cancelling out there benefits.

Why antioxidants? Your body needs antioxidants to balance out different bodily processes—some of which are healthy and necessary, but cause inflammation. Inflammation is bad when it’s chronic or indicating a growing infection, but it’s supposed to be a tool that your body uses at different times. It’s important to have antioxidants on hand so your body can use them when it’s ready to turn down/off the inflammation, or if the inflammation is out of control, to flood it and turn it off (think of it as a controlled burn in a forest—it might go smoothly, but you should be ready to put it out if it doesn’t!).

Americans have a common problem that can cause inflammation: too many foods that cause it. Some of them are actually healthy and necessary, you just need to balance them with antioxidants. Others, like processed sugar, are more of a treat we get too much of, and can lead to out of control chronic inflammation.

In turn, inflammation leads to more problems: premature aging, another weight on your heart health, joint pains/problems…

If you think your diet might be skewing toward less-than-healthy (who doesn’t linger at the dessert table during holiday parties?) punch it up with a super-antioxidant supplement that can pack more into balancing antioxidants into your day!

Longevity Antioxidant Formula has two berries known for their super high antioxidant content: acai berry and maqui berry. It also has Resveratrol, which has been studied (on humans!) and shown to have numerous benefits, including slowing aging, supporting heart health, boost metabolism and digestion, and strengthen bones and joints!

(What is resveratrol? It’s found in antioxidant rich foods like grape skins—and here it is in a ready to take supplement).

Just like inflammation can cause trouble all of your body, antioxidants offer all-over support. Most people can use a more antioxidants in their diet—to balance the other foods out, but also other habits (remember, stress and several other activities can also cause inflammation!).

It doesn’t take long to do the math—make sure you have some extra antioxidants everyday. Start by ordering Longevity Antioxidant Formula!

What’s your favorite seasonal downfall (I love pumpkin cookies!)? Tell us what treat leaves you needing more antioxidants in the comments:


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