Tea LeavesIf you’re visiting your local coffee or tea shop, many of the drinks you order have extra sugar, added ingredients (including artificial flavors) and sometimes, ingredients that may conflict with medical conditions or medications (like hibiscus, which is sweet and delicious and added to many teas and tea-drinks). To save money and make tea (and even some mixed coffee drinks) more palatable, there’s often very little teas/herbs, and a lot of sugar-y fillers and add-ons like popcorn, sprayed-on flavor (for teas) marshmallow/candies, and dried fruit (which has a high sugar content and can impact body-pH balance). Get back to healthy, and simplify what you drink. Pick a real tea known for supporting health, like our Jiaogulan.
Our Jiaogulan tea, also known as the “tea of life” is known for its heart supporting ingredients, and the long life of the people in the region in South East Asia where it’s grown. It’s caffeine free, making it a great replacement for your afternoon cuppa so you don’t disrupt your sleep patterns. If you’re looking to cut caffeine (although coffee and green tea have antioxidants and more, caffeine isn’t for everyone and can contribute to heart problems, migraines, and more) it a great way to warm up your morning. Why else should you try our Jiaogulan tea? It’s a way to get more plant nutrients into your diet. While vitamins and minerals are essential and well-advertised, plants like teas offer antioxidants, flavonoids, and other nutrients that may not be in other parts of your diet, but that can benefit your overall health. Have you tried our Jiaogulan tea? Let us know what you think in the comments:

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