Beautiful Senior Woman Aging Well…Give your skin and hair the support they need.

As we age, our body doesn’t do as well at absorbing and processing the nutrients it needs to function as well as it could. It’s always good to give it extra support with a daily multivitamin, but it’s not wrong to want some support for where aging really shows… your skin and hair.

Skin wrinkles, hair turns gray, but is it really inevitable? Maybe not as fast or as bad as you may have braced yourself to expect. If you replace the nutrients you’re not getting, you may be able to slow (and in our experience, and others’) reverse them.

One of the nutrients that’s key to smooth skin and darker hair, is copper. Both on the skin and as a supplement, it plays an important role in helping skin build collagen, and hair stay dark (and even to put a little “pepper” back in salt colored hair!).

There’s another nutrient that, although important, can interfere with you getting enough copper, even if you think you normally absorb nutrients OK. Zinc. Ideally, you want to be getting more zinc than copper—but since that’s how everything is formulated, you can easily end up getting way too much zinc, and throwing your copper levels out of whack. This especially happens during winter, when OTC cold meds add a lot more zinc into your diet.

There’s an easy way to add more copper into your diet, and to make sure it’s just enough. Colloidal copper is pure copper nanoparticles suspended in water—easy to absorb, and easy to get just the right amount (much harder to do with capsules or pressed pills, the cheap versions of which have been found by several third party tests to be empty, or mislabeled). You want to notice the difference that copper makes when you get enough, but not over-do it, either (there’s also a rare genetic condition where people have to carefully monitor their copper intake).

Colloidal copper can be a great daily supplement offering skin and hair support, or you can focus on our skin with a colloidal copper spray. (And if you really have skin problems like redness and blemishes, throw in a colloidal silver spray in there, too. Colloidal silver has long been used as skin support including for healing burns and minor wounds, which blemishes would fall under).

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