The first snow has fallen. You may have celebrated with a cup of hot chocolate, or grimaced into your coffee, but the best way to stay warm this winter while you watch the flakes fall, play in them, or shovel them away is a cup of tea. Not a caffeinated pot of camellia sinensis, or a blend of sugar and tea that’s trendy, but an herbal like Jiaogulan.

Because it doesn’t have caffeine, you can drink more Jiaogulan without worrying about messing up your sleep, and it’s no calories (unlike other herbals that add sneaky sugar sources or coatings).

Why choose Jiaogulan? It’s got a nice earthy flavor that’s perfect for a cozy day or when you’re feeling the need for something healthy. It’s known as a tea to support long life, heart health, and was used as a treatment for ulcers. It’s been around for centuries in SouthEast Asia, and now the health benefits of Jiaogulan are available everywhere.

And when you’re feeling ill it’s important to have a go-to hot drink that won’t mess up your plans for rest and recuperation. Hot drinks like a cup of Jiaogulan soothe sore throats, clear mucus, and help steam sinuses. You can even hold one up to an aching ear to ease pain from an ear infection.

If you haven’t tried a cup of Jiaogulan, don’t wait until snowy days become the norm. Get some today and start enjoying a relaxing moment in the afternoon that also supports your health. With tea (especially high quality ones like our organic Jiaogulan), you can resteep the tea leaves two, three, sometimes even four times and extend that relaxing moment (or increase the amount of fluids you’re drinking) a little more.

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