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Colloidal silver supports health and the immune system, colloidal gold supports the mind—but many people wonder about colloids outside of gold and silver, like what are the effects of colloidal copper?

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Copper is an essential mineral, and we need it in our diet each day—so there are actually many ways that colloidal copper helps and supports our body and more!

And as with many nutrients, many people are short (deficient) on the amount of copper in their diet that they need. Looking at some of the effects of colloidal copper is one way to gauge if you could benefit from more copper.

What is Colloidal Copper?

There are so many supplements, some of which are very similar. What is colloidal copper, and what sets it apart from other sources of copper?

First, true colloidal copper is just two ingredients—water, and pure copper nano-sized particles.

The small particle size and purity mean better possible absorption through skin and gut and more control over how much you get. The first effect of colloidal copper is dietary management and control through both quality and quantity—if you’re trying to correct a deficit or better manage your nutrient intake, colloidal copper is a great tool.

What Are the Effects of Colloidal Copper?

So, what does getting more colloidal copper into your diet do? Copper is an essential mineral throughout the body, so the effects of colloidal copper can be seen/felt both inside and out. As an essential mineral and as beauty support, let’s look at the effects of colloidal copper!

Nutritional Support

Copper is often neglected while we talk about calcium, vitamin d, and other important nutrients. Many people are surprised when they realize they aren’t getting enough copper in their diet! 

The Effects of Colloidal Copper: Heart and Cardiovascular Support

Copper is important for healthy, firm tissue. While many people focus on our outside tissue (skin), it’s important that our unseen tissue—in our cardiovascular system, for example—is supported too!

Making sure you have enough copper in your diet is one way to support a strong cardiovascular system.

The Effects of Colloidal Copper: No Energy without It

Lots of people get told they have, or suspect they have an iron deficiency—they feel tired and have other classic signs. 

But to use iron, you also need to have enough copper, and the signs of copper deficiency overlap with iron deficiency, and it’s not a coincidence!

If you’re supporting yourself with more iron, make sure you’ve also got enough copper! You need them both for optimal health.

Beyond Nutritional Support: Looks, Youth, and More

While health is important, let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s our looks we’re worried about, especially as we age!

The effects of colloidal copper go beyond supporting health, copper supports skin and hair, too! Without enough copper in our diet our skin and hair will age prematurely—copper is important not just for our health, but our beauty, too!

The Effects of Colloidal Copper: Supporting Smooth, Firm Skin

One of the most common reasons people choose colloidal copper over other sources of copper is to support their skin.

Supporting smooth, firm tissue is one of the roles copper plays throughout the body. It’s needed to build collagen and elastin, which are what make our skin wrinkle-free and young-looking.

But you don’t want to have too much copper in your diet just because you’re chasing healthy skin! So people use colloidal copper directly on the skin for targeted support. It’s small particle size is optimal for penetration to support the skin you care about (face, neck, hands, wherever).

The Effects of Colloidal Copper: Darker, Healthier Hair

And last but certainly not least, here’s one surprising effect of colloidal copper: it may help put color back in graying hair!

Copper deficiency can cause prematurely gray hair, but can it be reversed? Surprisingly, we’ve had a number of people report that adding just a little more copper to their diet darkened their hair! From a little more “pepper” to an overall darker effect, some have found that copper was a key support for their hair as they aged.

Overall Effects of Colloidal Copper

If you don’t have enough copper in your diet, you may find that there are many effects of colloidal copper for you—from hair to skin, to energy and health. If you just need a little bit more colloidal copper, the effects of colloidal copper might be more subtle, but just enough to push you from “surviving” to “wellness”.

Could you benefit from the effects of colloidal copper? Try adding it to your supplement routine and see if it’s what’s been missing!

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