As researchers dive into the rich and complex world of gut bacteria, they’re digging up interesting (but maybe not surprising) results. Like: the secret of aging might be in your stomach. People who are healthy in their 90s have similar bacteria colonies to people in their 30s.

While some people are lucky enough to inherit a good gut colony (how you’re born, how you eat, and how clean your childhood was all play a part) you can take matters into your own hands and cultivate a healthier biome.

Does exercise and healthy eating create good bacteria, or do people with healthy gut bacteria crave good food and exercise? The answer is both. Having healthy gut bacteria is a huge one up on being healthy, but you can still change an unhealthy gut, the trick is keeping up all the habits that encourage a healthy gut (all the standard healthy things—lots of plants in your diet, sleep, less stress, exercise, etc.) for about a year. That’s the estimated time it takes to make those changes stick, so you’ll need careful planning or a lot of willpower.

You can cheat a little and get a headstart on developing a healthy gut biome with probiotics. Probiotics help replenish good bacteria, and a good quality probiotic will have a lot of variety, which is important for a healthy gut. Our good bacteria can be lost to a long-term unhealthy diet and other bad habits, stress, antibiotics, some illnesses, and more. When we have a good, diverse colony it helps support digestion, helps fight off/crowd out bad pathogens, and can help support overall health from weight to mood, liver health, and more.

Start supporting your gut health now and into the future for better health and healthier aging. Try Flora MGR for a boost.

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