50-70% of Americans are estimated to be low on Vitamin D, or Vitamin D insufficient. That means they have enough Vitamin D to get by (no rickets) but aren’t anywhere near optimum health. Past studies looking at long term effect of Vitamin D insufficiency had written it off as inconsequential… but those studies only looked at a month or two. A new study taking a longer look at Vitamin D insufficiency has shown that it does impact stamina and physical performance over the long term, and that may indicate bigger problems.

That’s why everyone needs a daily multivitamin with Vitamin D, like Vita One.

With age comes certain increased risks. Falls and general injury are one—and not limited to retirement homes. Losing grip stamina/endurance over time (indicated by the new study) could mean more injuries from average activities long before you’re using a walker. Think: losing your grip while using a ladder (whether you’re cleaning gutters or hanging Christmas lights), losing stamina when you’re out in nature hiking, climbing, rafting, or just playing 18 holes, or just slowly declining in your ability to do daily activities.

And it’s at no fault off your other habits like exercise and general health—it’s just low Vitamin D levels.

Avoid reaching that point—there’s no reason to have that added stress on your body! Start taking a Vitamin D supplement today, like the daily Multivitamin Vita One, so you always have optimals levels—whether you live in the far north, whether it’s winter, whether you work indoors, or whether you have intestinal inflammation (from dietary allergies, IBD, or IBS).

Vita One is formulated with an optimal balance of high-quality ingredients, that means they’re fresh (they go in green, not brown), they’re more bioavailable (not like what you get at the grocery store or in fortified foods) and each capsule is going further for your body.

Don’t wait another day to get your Vitamin D levels up. “Good enough” isn’t actually good enough. Being Vitamin D insufficient can cause fatigue, aches, and a whole host of problems with other bodily processes that we might not even realize could be fixed with a little vitamin boost.

Start taking Vita One today.

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