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Copper is a necessary nutrient, but what are the benefits of taking colloidal copper? What does colloidal copper do?

The short answer is that colloidal copper is an efficient way to add copper to your diet. The small, pure form of copper makes it easy for the body to absorb and use.

Not all nutrient deficiencies are because of what or how we eat—sometimes (whether because of chronic illness or how we age) our gut needs a little more help with absorbing nutrients. And since nutrients come in different forms, choosing a more penetrable form can save our gut some work!

What is Colloidal Copper?

True colloidal copper is made of just two ingredients—copper nanoparticles suspended in water.

A colloid is anything suspended in another thing—milk and smoke are common colloids most people are familiar with.

While pure colloidal copper is just copper suspended in water, beware of other products with other ingredients. Getting a true colloid can be difficult, and sometimes additives are used to accomplish the suspension. It’s hard to answer “what does colloidal copper do?” without making sure we’re talking about a real colloid!

What Does Colloidal Copper Do?

Ultimately, the answer to “what does colloidal copper do” overlaps with copper being an essential nutrient your body needs.

What makes colloidal copper different is the small particle size, allowing better penetration, and that it’s just pure copper—so you can choose and control how much copper you’re adding to your diet, when you take it, etc.!

Copper is Necessary Nutrient

Copper is a necessary nutrient used throughout your body—some studies estimate that around 25% of Americans are copper deficient. Copper deficiency can lead to other, bigger problems.

Common risk factors for copper deficiency include being vegetarian (the copper you get from plants is harder to absorb), genetic risk factors, or just a generally poor diet.

Copper is important for the skin, the cardiovascular system, blood, the immune system, and more. What does colloidal copper do? It offers a way to supplement copper into your diet.

Why is Colloidal Copper Better?

There are lots of ways to get copper through your food, but even so, many people still find themselves deficient!

What does colloidal copper do? It offers you control over your copper intake. Based on what you do, what you eat, and other factors like genetics—you may need to adjust how much copper you take as you go through different life phases, and colloidal copper makes that easy. Other supplements with copper may count copper from plant sources (which aren’t absorbed as easily) or make it harder to control and measure how much copper you take.

Colloidal copper is quality copper, and very easy to take or use how you like!

Who Should Take Colloidal Copper?

If you know you have certain genetic traits, are aging, or have a specific diet (like being vegetarian) that might be low in the right form of iron, you might want to find out what does colloidal copper do for you! It’s a great way to add copper to your diet to counteract signs that you might need more of this essential nutrient!

Colloidal Copper for Symptoms of Iron Deficiency…

Iron deficiency and copper deficiency have very similar symptoms—why? Because you need copper to absorb/use iron properly. If you’re struggling with correcting an iron deficiency, make sure you don’t have an unchecked copper deficiency!

What does colloidal copper do? It offers a slow gentle way to try adding copper to your diet to support getting over an iron deficiency.

Colloidal Copper to Support Aging Skin…

While copper is an essential nutrient for your diet, many people have another use for it… supporting aging skin!

In order for the tissue to form collagen and elastin (which lead to firmer, smoother skin), the skin needs copper!

What does colloidal copper do? Some people are spraying it directly to the skin to boost support for firm skin without adding too much copper to their diet!

Colloidal Copper to Support Cardiovascular Health and More…

It’s not just skin that needs copper to be firm, smooth, and supple. All your tissue benefits from the support of copper, including your cardiovascular system! Colloidal copper is another way to make sure tissue throughout your body has enough copper.

Now that you know what does colloidal copper do, you can decide what it can do for you. Round out your diet? Support skin and hair? Find out for yourself with colloidal copper.


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