Let’s do some good news first: colon cancer deaths are going down as treatment and detection continue to improve. But the bad news? More people are getting it, especially young people. And while detection has improved, it can sometimes be difficult to get doctors to take the risk seriously.

Why are colon cancer rates going up, especially for younger people? There’s no single answer; the most likely scenario is a combination of increased risk factors: eating more fast food, fattier foods, exercising less/sitting more, having an inflamed gut, genetics, heavy smoking or drinking, being overweight… all those basic health issues that can cause a number of diseases.

What can you do?

Improve your health any way you can. Your colon won’t just benefit, so will your overall health. Weight is tied to multiple kinds of cancer, as is smoking and drinking. Everything you do to try and steer your health in a better direction helps mitigate the risk of things you can’t control, like genetics. Improving your health also improves your odds if fate decides to take things in the wrong direction.

Besides the health basics, there are other things you can do for your health, like take a supporting supplement. Probiotics are essential to gastrointestinal health, from daily function digesting food to being a defense system if you eat something contaminated (and right now, there’s not just seasonal Norovirus going around, but early picnic season outbreaks like Listeria). A high-quality supplement like Flora MGR that has multiple strains is a good choice.

Or, you can take a supplement designed to support and strengthen the colon, like Colon CLNr, which has antimicrobial herbs, supports a healthy mucus lining, stimulates healthy movement, and may even help remove old toxins.

If you have stomach pains, digestive issues, or other gastrointestinal problems, support yourself with healthy habits and a good supplement. If it persists, be your own best advocate with your doctor.

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