detox zeolite

If you want to detox, do it safely! Zeolite helps to remove heavy metals and other large particles contaminated from your body. It’s something you add to your diet, it doesn’t require fasting nor does it require you to eat weird things!

When you’re detoxing, what, exactly, are you targeting? Many trendy detoxes advertise results: whiter eyes, weird bowel movements, or a lighter feeling. Some of that comes from the fact that trendy detoxes tend to be fasting disguised as a detox. Fasting has its benefits, but if you are worried about what you’ve eaten, what you’ve absorbed through air and water pollution, you need help to remove it.

Zeolite is formed when groundwater meets volcanic ash. It’s a mineral with a large cage like structure that works to “catch” large particles/toxins. It works as an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals. Benefits of Zeolite include helping to remove the toxins we get through our diet, possibly help with aging, and to help overall wellness by removing toxins.

You may avoid the obvious toxins around us: tobacco, white sugar, smoggy days. But microplastics, herbicides and pesticides are all around us, and we can no longer control our exposure as much as we’d like. Restore purity with help from Zeolite, and pull toxins back out.

You can just add Zeolite to your routine periodically. Let fasting be a separate issue, and forget cayenne lemon tea and other trends. Keep it safe and simple with natural Zeolite.

Don’t forget to pair Zeolite with a beneficial source of minerals like Humic and Fulvic acid. As you remove toxins, replace them with nutrients and other support.


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