Problems with tonsils aren’t just a thing when you’re a kid. “My, you’re tonsils look swollen” might be a thing you remember hearing from your pediatrician, but as an adult, you can now check your own tonsils to gauge your health, identify problems, and figure out when to see a doctor. While you’re tonsils become less likely to cause problems as you get older, it’s still another good reason to support your immune system with colloidal silver (and gargle with it before you swallow).

Tonsil Problem One: Your tonsils are frequently swollen. If you also have a sore throat, or it’s cold and flu season, you’ve probably got an answer right there, and should consider seeing a doctor (if you have a recurrent sore throat, you might be dealing with strep that’s more serious than average).

Tonsil Problem Two: If your tonsils are larger, you get gusts of horrible breath, and you can see white bits–you’ve got tonsil stones. About 5-10% of people will get tonsil stones and know it, while untold more may never notice. Typically, they’re a combination of an immune response to illness and possibly food particles stuck in tonsil crevices. Fight tonsil stones by: 1) brushing and flossing regularly, 2) rinsing your tonsils with water (you can even gargle when you finish eating), 3) gently removing them with a Q-tip or similar.

Tonsil Problem Three: You’ve got white spots that don’t rub off and aren’t tonsil stones. You’ve probably got thrush, a type of yeast infection. How does an adult get thrush? Some people lick their glasses, phones, or just generally aren’t carefully about hand-to-face hygiene, and others just have bad luck or a very weak immune system. See a doctor before it spreads.

Your immune system plays a role in all types of tonsil problems, so make sure to support your immune system with colloidal silver.

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