Sinus Infection


Sinus InfectionSleep better. Get through your day. And clear out all the gunk. Do it all with a sinus flood.

The only trick? Making sure you have one on hand before you wake up congested. In fact, for hygienic purposes, each member of your household should have their own.

What’s in a sinus flooding kit? Two bottles of colloidal silver, Xylitol to create a comfortable pH, cups to mix it in, and a nose bulb to get it into your nose (plus instructions on how best to use your kit. You might be familiar with a sinus rinse, where it’s in one nostril out the other, but try doing that when you’re seriously clogged. That’s where a sinus flood comes in, since it soaks the gunk and helps loosen it so you can get it out. (Particularly bad infections, like those caused by fungi, can take a couple of floods).

Severe congestion can indicate a sinus infection, the majority of which are caused by viruses. That means you’re stuck with the general advice of rest up, drink clear fluids, and monitor the severity of symptoms. With a sinus flooding kit you can do a little more, and ease congestion up so you actually can rest and get food and drink down.

If you’re looking for a faster, daily cleanse for your sinuses, you can modify your sinus flooding kit so you only use a little added colloidal silver, rather than doing only colloidal silver. Just make sure that if you aren’t using colloidal silver, any water you use has either been boiled and cooled, or is purified bottled water.

How do you get through days with thick congestion?


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