Thankfully, cold and flu look like they’re on their way out, but don’t put your sinus flooding kit away yet. Use it to stay on top of spring allergies and sinus infections.

Even of pollen doesn’t turn your nose red, almost every human has some degree of allergy to some of the common pollens like ragweed. Even if you don’t think it’s bothering you, a little congestion can mean less oxygen when you sleep, less focus during your day, or some minor irritation and inflammation in your sinuses or throat. Then there are other irritants, like fires and other forms of spring air pollution. Keep your head clear and your body breathing with a few minutes of daily maintenance this spring!

A sinus flooding kit is great for severe congestion. It soaks and loosens mucus, covers the entire sinus cavity, and helps clear out gunk while supporting healthy tissue with colloidal silver.

But for daily discomforts, you can get support faster by just adding a few drops of colloidal silver to your normal neti pot routine. Give direct immune support to irritated, inflamed tissue with colloidal silver, which not only has a history of use as immune support, but in healing minor wounds and abrasions. If you aren’t a neti pot user, a quick spray up your nose can help too.

Uncontrolled mucus can interfere with breathing, cause eye irritation or infection, sinus infections, sore throats, and in severe cases, spread germs to the lungs for a bigger infection like pneumonia or bronchitis. Stay on top of it this spring, because even a small but chronic complaint can have a big impact on your health!

Make sure you still have everything you need for your sinus flooding kit, or reload at Colloids for Life.

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