Make Friends By Avoiding These Two Social Mistakes…


Bad BreathDo people keep you at arms length—literally? Has your social calendar freed up lately? Or maybe you just want to do your best, you’re aiming for a promotion or getting ready to start a new romantic relationship.

Don’t make these two common mistakes that can affect everyone!

First, it’s winter. Even if you’ve dodged cold and flu season, you probably still suffer from some post nasal drip when you’re outside—I know I get the sniffles just going from the car to the store, especially if it’s windy!

Here’s the gross, sad truth though—those sniffles are sending mucus to your throat, and maybe even tonsils and mouth. Even if you just brushed your teeth, your breath is now… not-so-good. If this happens a lot, you may even develop worse problems, like tonsil inflammation, which can cause uncomfortable and very smelly tonsil stones.

What can you do about it?

A quick sinus rinse or a little more involved sinus flood. If you’re practiced at it, you can clear your sinuses pretty quickly, avoiding build up and that mucus-y breath smell.

Second, you’ve probably got your feet bundled for cold weather—thick warm socks and boots. Or maybe you love winter walks or sports, and are getting a nice workout.

If you think you’re going to take your shoes off for a visit (no one wants ice melting salt all over their floors) make sure you’re equipped with Smelly Shoe Spray. You can preemptively spritz your shoes before an outing, or you can make a quick, pepperminty spray as you take your shoes off. Bonus—by fighting off those germs that cause foot odor from taking residence in your boots, you’re prolonging their life!

Don’t be afraid of a little preventative maintenance. No matter how dainty you are, these are all fairly common problems—and people may be too polite to say anything!

And don’t forget to support your immune system with colloidal silver. Make sure your body is ready to fight off inflammation, or worse infection when winter mucus gives pathogens a place to live!

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