Woman with allergies and flowersBulbs are peeking out. Leaves are starting to grow, although trees are mostly bare. Spring is here, but it’s still a few weeks before pollen and grass clippings are blowing in the breeze.

Take an active approach to fighting allergies, and get your home ready now (and make sure you have a few Sinus Flooding Kits on hand, too).

-Make spring cleaning about killing dust bunnies. Clear out the dust, grime, and any places that allergens might stick when they get dragged into your home (give your filters a change, too).

-Set something up by your front door to keep allergens out. During winter, we wipe off boots and shed our outer layer because snow and mud are visible. But for allergy sufferers, they need to be aware of all those less visible allergens getting dragged in on hair, clothes, and shoes.

Kicking off shoes is a big one—you don’t want to constantly fight against pollen that’s been rubbed into your rugs and carpets. (Worried about removing them at someone else’s home? Bring some Smelly Shoe Spray with you and give them a discreet spritz—or do it regularly at home as part of shoe care).

If you really have trouble with allergies/mucus when you’re trying to sleep, either wash your hair before bed, or keep it covered under hats during the day (and get a health bonus by keeping excess sun off your skin).

-Optimize when you use your sinus flooding kit: a steamy shower will help a lot, so get through your day or night better by doing a sinus flood at the opposite end of the day. If you’re an extreme allergy sufferer already throwing everything against the wall to try and eek out some relief, journal when and where your worst symptoms are, then add in a second flood (or rinse—but never use tap water. You can use a cheap jug of distilled/purified water, or boiled then cooled water).

If you’re doing a flood, you can use straight colloidal silver with a little xylitol thrown in for pH balance. If you do a rinse, add a little colloidal silver in or finish by spraying some in for direct immune support in your sinuses. All that mucus clogging things up and spreading germs around make your sinuses, and ultimately whole respiratory system, a prime breeding ground for summer colds, walking pneumonia, or just a straight sinus infection.

Don’t get caught without a sinus kit for everyone in the house (use a sharpie to add initials to the bottom of the nose bulb!). Check your supplies, then get some more before flowers are blooming (then maybe enjoy the burst of color!).

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