Own A Couch? It May Be Time For A Detox


Lately, it’s been trendy to do studies on the number of common toxins in blood and urine samples taken from children across the nation. It’s lead to recommendations to reduce canned tuna in kids’ diets, as many have toxic levels of mercury, to reduce the amount of plastic used on and around food, since chemicals found in plastic (including melamine) are found in toddlers in levels 20 times higher than the FDA thinks is safe for adults.

The latest study focuses on flame retardants, which are ubiquitous in furniture bought anywhere in the US, and their prevalence in children. California has the toughest laws demanding the use of flame-retardants, and because California is one of the largest states with the biggest economies, the laws influence almost all manufacturers.

Although California is currently moving to reduce the amount of chemicals used on furniture, the study found that currently, children (and adults, too) have high levels of flame retardants in their blood—and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it short of building all your own furniture.

Since you can’t prevent it, consider detoxing. Humic and Fulvic acid combined with Zeolite are one tool for detoxing, or if you’re concerned about a specific organ, you can target it with natural herbs and nutrients found in any number of Welltrients.

How often do you detox? Does the new research influence you to detox more often?


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