Garlic and HerbsPinterest is a great place to find health tips, easy, healthy recipes, exercise plans, and even motivation to keep you going. But you need to use a discerning eye—pinners tend to be an overzealous crowd and I’ve seen a few trends taking off that aren’t really safe, or require a bit more caution.

Cleanses and Detoxes are the biggest thing scaring me. One blogger is doing a cayenne cleanse—for a month. Honey, cayenne… and not much else in terms of nutrition or calories. Then there are quite a few parasite cleanses as well, and some of them go as far as recommending starving yourself to starve parasites… which isn’t a good idea. Others have concoctions that can be dangerous if you’re not careful, or have intense side-effects that you may not be prepared for. Some of the cleanses also contain ingredients that will kill off your good bacteria, which will cause a whole other course of problems!

Some will issue a warning, but not a very stern one. And many people’s fervor is fueled by parasite inspired heebie-jeebies.

So how do you cleanse safely?

I recommend using a pre-made formula, like our ParaCLNZ & DTXx. It’s safer than going out in your yard to gather some “clay” (i.e. mud—yes, this is a step for a few of them) which could actually give you parasites! Plus, you’re still allowed to eat! No starving yourself!

Now, some of the diets have special smoothies and other meals to help chase out parasites. If you’re looking at a recipe and it’s mostly fruits and vegetables, go for it! If there are herbs, be sure to google them and know what you’re taking—doubly so if you’re on any medications they could mix with. (If you’re on medication, you should do this even for supplements like ours. There are a few supplements that mix with almost EVERYTHING, including common foods).

A pre-mixed formula will save you time, research, and of course, comes with tested instructions.

There’s also evidence that colloidal silver kills at least some parasites.

What should I expect during a parasite cleanse?

Make sure you schedule is easy and open. Depending on what and if you have parasites, you might find yourself going to the bathroom more, or experiencing some mild personality changes (like grumpiness). This will pass after the cleanse.

Do I really have parasites?

Parasites are more common than people realize. Symptoms are subtle, hard to test for, and generally not a huge issue (well, until they are). There was one case a few years ago where an organ donor was infected with parasites, of course it wasn’t tested for, and the recipients (who all had weakened immune systems) ended up getting parasites too.

The end of summer is a great time to do a parasite cleanse. You’ve probably been barefoot outside, swimming in a river or lake, or maybe just live in an area where summer heat means your tap water could have them.

Anyone pinned a cleanse? Want to share and evaluate it?


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