Woman with CongestionFor some, it’s the breakdown of all the fallen leaves, and a bit of mold and mildew in the air. For others, it could be from a cold passed from a coworker, a school kid, or a fast food worker. For others, it might just be those in-between days—air conditioning during the day and suddenly a chilled night.

One way or another, pretty much everyone will have congestion at some point over the next few months. It’s what you do next that determines how much of an impact it has. Spoiler: the easiest thing you can do to loosen up congestion and rinse it out is a sinus flood.

Forget those commercials about blowing. Blowing can injure your nose and lead to a sinus infection when all you had was some preventative immune reaction (because nose mucus is a symptom, not inherently an illness!).

The alternative to blowing is doing a sinus rinse, or a sinus flood. You just need to make sure you’re doing it safely!

The number one rule is never put tap water straight up your nose. You can boil and cool tap water, use purified water, or use colloidal silver (mix it with a little xylitol for comfort).

Most people are most familiar with a daily rinse using a neti pot—in one side, out the other, mild mucus with it. Purified water (and maybe a drop of colloidal silver) is enough. If you have deep congestion, though, a flood works better (and for some types, like severe infection—especially fungal—you might even need a few rinses). It soaks and loosens, helping to get more out and support your nose against any pathogens triggering the mucus.

But it actually works for more than congestion. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this, but I think a flood works pretty well for runny noses (and keeps them calm longer).

The easiest way to do a flood is with colloidal silver, especially since by the time you need one, the extra immune support colloidal silver offers is helpful, too. If you need instructions and tools to do a sinus flood, check out our sinus flooding kit (and prepare for winter by having one for everyone in your house!).

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