Balance Is A Key


Like hamburgers? Chocolate? Or are you super-healthy, with an almost (or entirely) vegetarian diet?

You’re probably either short on copper, or zinc, (or both!), depending. And that’s not even considering environmental factors, like what kind of pipes you have, where your food is grown, and more.

What does it feel like to be short on copper or zinc? Depression, anxiety, and other symptoms are all possible, but getting tested to confirm how much copper or zinc you’ve got is really uncommon.

The trick is balance—copper and zinc compete for absorption, although you need both. Figuring out how much of each will be largely up to the individual (eating more meat and chocolate, for instance, contributes to higher copper levels. A more vegetarian diet with lots of nuts and legumes may lead to a zinc surplus).



As you get older, you’re more likely to need more of each, as the body doesn’t do as good of a job absorbing nutrients. You can even see the effects when you take more copper: graying hair will start to turn dark again. (As an aside, copper also benefits the skin, helping it to look smoother). In the end, you need to be getting enough of both copper and zinc, but you need a little more zinc.

Try using MesoCopper and MesoZinc to find YOUR balance, because your diet, home, and life (all factors in how much zinc and copper you may or may not naturally get) are unique to you. Both are easy to absorb and use colloids, so you can change how much zinc or copper you get to precisely fit your needs. Take control of your daily nutrition and ensure that it’s balanced so you can feel and perform your very best.

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