Relaxing LadyThe sun is out this week, and if you’re feeling dry and pasty after all that cold, dry winter weather, we’re here to help with ingredients straight out of your pantry.

In case you missed it, modern skin philosophy has changed quite a bit from all the skin-flaw ads you might remember. Stripping, peeling, washing with acid—all of that is extreme, and should be left out of daily care. Worried about the size of your pores, or those little black dots (that you may have been told are acne?)—sorry, that’s all genetic. Those black dots are essentially a type of “wick” for the pore. It’s not worth losing sleep, or time getting ready, fretting over. Instead, you should be adding oil (an “oil wash”) to most skin types.

Olive oil is the best common oil you can use. Some skin types do ok with coconut oil, but not all. Almond oil is another option. You can “wash” your face with it (rub on, wipe off). Or you can use them as a base in a skin scrub (living in a dry climate, some light exfoliation can make a huge difference). To make a scrub, just add an equal to double amount sugar (white or brown), and, optionally, a few drops of skin safe essential oil. (And don’t limit it to just your face—hands and more benefit from a gentle scrub!).

Or make a face mask using some of the superfoods, like honey and avocado, you already have around. Start by mashing a banana, an avocado, or a papaya. Add in a tablespoon of honey, a splash of orange juice, an egg yolk or some oatmeal (or choose a couple). Use your favorite oil if you need it to be more moist. For an added bonus, you can mix in a few drops of colloidal silver or colloidal copper for added skin support. Or wipe off your mask and spray your favorite colloid on your fresh skin to keep the feeling going!

And don’t forget to actually eat some of those superfoods! Make sure you get some into your diet everyday with one of our superfood multivitamins. Spirulina is a great all-purpose choice, or try one of our antioxidant packed ones like Longevity Antioxidant Formula.

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