ad Woman with Damaged PackageBefore you order, check where you’re getting it. Every retailer is not the same!

At Colloids for Life, we take pride in our customer service. We take phone calls, emails, and reach out to you through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

And we hear you. We hear that when you order from other places, the experience is a little different!

Some retailers of the products we carry don’t do anything more than throw them in a box and ship it to you (based upon what we hear about another “order online only” store). That means two things:

First, they have no staff trained to answer questions about the products. (Usually that is when we get the call!)

Second, at least one of those retailers is infamously known for just throwing things in a box. That is NOT how you want your supplements delivered!

When it comes to our colloidal products, for instance, throwing them in a box without enough cushioning can lead to a soggy cardboard lump on your welcome mat when you get them. During the winter, there’s a high chance of your order sitting in a truck, airport, or cold storage facility, and then freezing, which ruins colloidal products (a colloid is a suspension of particles in liquid, freezing will drop them out of suspension and you’ll just have water and fine mineral particles on the bottom of the bottle.).

That does mean that sometimes, we need to charge more for shipping, or wait a few days before sending it out, so it doesn’t get caught in a blizzard (when it’s not going to ship anyway, just sit somewhere cold). That’s all done by our employees—I’m talking about real people who care enough to check the weather here, and at the destination (where you are!) to make sure you don’t get a ruined product.

Many of you have called us, and you’ve told us about your experiences with other retailers. For those who haven’t learned that lesson yet, here’s your PSA for the day: order from Colloids for Life, and get the customer service that you deserve, and get a quality product that survives delivery to your door!

In fact, many of you tell us that our customer service is something you love about us! You can see some of the things people have been saying on our Trust Pilot Review (click here, or find it at the bottom of the Colloids for Life home page). You can even add your own thoughts about the services and products we provide you!

And don’t forget that we carefully screen what products we sell. In fact, we take many of them ourselves (and have been for decades!). We’re very careful about choosing things that are high quality, and doing our research before committing to a product.

We appreciate our customers, each and every one. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide you with quality health supplements.

Questions? We’re always here to answer them. Or, just share your experience with us:


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