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Gold is no longer just for kings and currency—humans have been attracted to gold for millennia, and it’s for more reasons than just its shine. Gold as a trace mineral for the human body may have some benefits for the mind and body. With colloidal gold, you can get a daily dose of gold nanoparticles to support yourself, or just give yourself an occasional boost.

What is colloidal gold and what are colloidal gold benefits?

The benefits of colloidal gold affect the mind and body, but what is colloidal gold?

What is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal gold is made up of pure gold nanoparticles suspended in pure water—nothing else. “Suspended in water” is what makes it a colloid—solutions (like when you stir sugar into water) are when something dissolves. 

Because colloidal gold is a suspension it will have a dark red-yellow color from the particles reflecting light. Dissolved gold, from ionic gold solutions, will not reflect light. This is how you recognize pure colloidal gold versus ionic gold (also beware not clear containers that hide the color!). Ionic gold is actually a neurotoxin. While there are colloidal gold benefits, ionic gold should always be avoided!

What are Colloidal Gold Benefits?

When people report the effects of colloidal gold, most of the colloidal gold benefits they list to focus on the mind: more focus, more concentration, better memory, improved mood, and just a general boost to brain function. Some people say that colloidal gold boosts their energy or libido, but note: colloidal gold is not like caffeine. The boost it gives to mental focus and physical energy is gentler, more of a balancing affect than the quick lift and crash of sugar, caffeine, and other substances.

The best colloidal gold benefits come from taking colloidal gold regularly, although some people say that colloidal gold also helps as an occasional boost (like when you have a big task to accomplish).

Colloidal Gold Benefits the Body, too!

Beyond the mind, colloidal gold benefits the body. Colloidal gold supports a strong mind-body connection, which supports hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and more. Many people take colloidal gold for arthritis and other joint health. Some take it to help with restless leg syndrome.

Who Does Colloidal Gold Benefit?

Everybody can benefit from colloidal gold! Who doesn’t need a little mental boost or some better balance? We’ve all got jobs, hobbies, and daily tasks that could be done faster and better with a little more balance. Plus, colloidal gold helps support and balance your mood, some report a calming effect that eases mild symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Although colloidal gold benefits everyone, it remains most popular with people involved in intense, higher stakes activities who are looking for every advantage they can get.

Colloidal Gold Benefits Athletes

Golfers, soccer players, and other athletes try colloidal gold benefits to sharpen their game. In golf, you need to be able to control the perfect swing while judging wind, terrain, and being asked “did you hear the one about…?” for the umpteenth time. In soccer, you need to make quick decisions and pair them with quicker action—not unlike many other games.

Colloidal gold is a natural way to support the mind and body and may help with focus, mental clarity, and more. Sports aren’t just about exercising the body—they’re about sharpening the mind.

Colloidal Gold Benefits Artists

Finding a natural, safe way to support the brain can be hard. Colloidal gold is the answer—it’s reported to boost memory, creativity, and more, helping you complete the perfect project, or just find the spark for your next endeavor.

While colloidal gold benefits may work by themselves, just like the athlete who’s pairing it with practice and effort, artists should do the same! Use colloidal gold benefits to get more out of activities that boost creativity—going for a walk, exploring nature, or doodling/brainstorming.

Colloidal Gold Benefits Workers and Planners

We all have responsibilities—at home, at work, to ourselves and to others. Use the reported gold benefits (improved memory, focus, concentration, creativity, and mood) to support everything from your daily grind to your next big project.

We’re all overscheduled—that’s why bullet journals, planner apps, list-making apps, and more have become a hot industry. Start the organization from within with support from colloidal gold benefits!

Use colloidal gold to benefit your mind and body by taking a little each day for a month. Give yourself time to find your new balance, and see your own colloidal gold benefits.


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