Today, people take colloidal gold as a daily supplement because it’s reputed to help with mental abilities like mood, hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, memory, creativity, and more.

But in the past colloidal gold was known for much more. In the last century, it was used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory (supporting the health of joints in particular, which can really take a beating from inflammation). Newer medications are in some ways cheaper for beating inflammation (or at least more profitable).

In the future, though, colloidal gold (and colloidal gold specifically—not other gold particles or forms—is being used as a foundation for new medications. It’s been used as a way to deliver medication specifically to the prostate, and in a new treatment is being used as the foundation of a Type 1 Diabetes treatment. Will these new lines of research work, with the addition of whatever medication is in development? There’s no answer to that yet. But there is the long history of colloidal gold to put to for today’s health and mind support.

Colloidal gold isn’t stimulating the way caffeine is or mind-changing the way other substances are. Instead, it seems to have more of a polishing effect that you notice over days-weeks, a calmness and clarity that helps with work, sports, hobbies, or just the day to day grind. It’s a gentle first step to very well-rounded support.

Always beware immitations: colloidal gold is made up of pure gold particles suspended in water, and the suspension (and concentration) gives it a reddish-gold color. But ionic products that are sometimes sold as cheap “colloids” aren’t the same quality, and you can tell because they’re clear (or almost clear), sold in glass (true colloids aren’t affected by plastic), and sometimes actually dangerous (ionic gold is toxic).

There’s a reason colloidal gold’s reputation is carrying it forward into other uses, and you can take advantage of that today with a colloidal gold supplement.

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