BroccoliIf I’m being honest, arthritis is one of the scariest prospects of getting old—it can really impair your ability to do everyday activities.

Luckily, studies keep turning up natural ways to help prevent arthritis.

1 — Sunshine

People who get more sun are less likely to get arthritis. The benefit likely stems from Vitamin D. That means if you live in the north, you can cheat your lack of sun with a good Vitamin D supplement.

2 — Turmeric

Turmeric, and its active ingredient curcumin, is a powerful antioxidant and researchers are looking into many potential health benefits, including fighting the inflammation that can cause arthritis.

You can easily add turmeric to your everyday diet, but if you don’t like the flavor, it’s also available in supplements.

3 — Colloidal Gold

People have told us it helps their arthritis. In a study, people taking nano gold experienced reduced pain and swelling, and even regained function of their arthritic joints.

What’s great about nano gold is that it’s as safe as food.

4 — Broccoli

All cruciferous veggies (like brussel sprouts and cabbage) have sulforaphane, but broccoli has the most. Mice who ate sulforaphane were less likely to have arthritis—sulforaphane works by stopping the enzymes that breaks down joint cartilage.

So why not bring some turmeric dusted broccoli on a picnic? If you start your day with colloidal gold, you’ll have easily accomplished all four arthritis fighting activities.

Have you tried any of these on your arthritis?


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