A 30 month study financed by the Egypt Charity Foundation is showing promising results in the use of nano gold particles “to curb cancerous tumors in human body cells”.

Nano gold has been making a lot of medical advances, both in use as treatment (for arthritis) and as a tool (helping to more quickly diagnose lung cancer). Each new study seems to support new uses for nano gold as well as building upon it’s known safety.

The Egyptian study has “high hopes”, citing that there are no known negative side-effects to nano gold, and that it has yet to show signs of negatively impacting any bodily function (note: nano gold is not to be confused with ionic gold, which is a neurotoxin).

According to the researchers, they’ve found that nano gold eventually exits the body through the spleen.

The study is not finished yet, and there’s no mention of the degree of effect nano gold has on tumors, or whether it may be a viable treatment on it’s own, or in conjunction with other cancer treatments.

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