Golfing Woman on the GreensIf swinging into summer means grabbing a golf club for you, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your golf game!

There’s a lot of strategies that people take to lower their handicap: hitting indoor hitting and putting shops over the winter, buying the latest in golf club technology, booking your time weeks in advance so you can monopolize the perfect light, wind, and dew conditions.

If that’s you, and you’re reading this article, you’ve probably read other tips on lowering your handicap. It’s not simple, there’s no “one easy tip!”. It’s pages and pages of stance, which muscles to tense when, which movement is right for you, and how to be a pro at reading the weather, the green, and so much more. There’s no going half-in if you want to be a golfer, you need to be at the top of your abilities to remember and recall tips, focus, make adjustments, and pull it all together in one good swing that should make it look easy to everyone watching you.

And here’s something you can do everyday, all year long, to stay on top of your golf game: support your mind with colloidal gold. Colloidal gold has been reported to boost hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, clarity, and more. Whether you’re analyzing the game of your favorite pro-golfer, taking in the latest tips from your favorite golf website, or actually hitting the greens, give yourself a mental boost so you can be sharp.

Because let’s be honest, golf isn’t hard because it’s super physical—you do need muscle coordination/memory, but it’s not about being the strongest, the tallest, or the fastest. It’s about control. Being able to analyze, and focus, and hold it together all in one moment because you want that moment to count, to get it right in one stroke.

And that’s why you should give yourself an edge that others don’t have, with a little mental support from colloidal gold.

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