Man On Bike In FallWith fall just around the corner, make sure you’ve planned ahead for the change in season, and routine. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or as I like to say, you don’t want to have to go get supplies when you’re already sick.

Fall Means Cold And Flu

Flu season can start as early as October, so September is the perfect time to start preparing.

The flu shot might mitigate your risk and limit duration and symptoms, but compared to other vaccines, it’s not that effective and hinges on an accurate prediction of which flu strains will be circulating. Another consideration is that getting it early may mean it’s worn off by peak flu season (January/February), but waiting too long can mean supplies run out. And flu can hit different cities at different times, and it usually strikes healthcare workers, teachers and students first, so where you live and work are also considerations. All that to say: start weighing the pros and cons of the flu shot now.

And don’t forget to have flu supplies on hand, because even with the flu shot you can still get sick (and many years people with weakened immune systems should plan to have a small reaction to the shot, which happens more some years than others). If you aren’t already supporting your immune system with colloidal silver, now’s a good time to start, and to make sure you have extra on hand so you can up your support as needed!

In addition to colloidal silver, running a humidifier helps stop flu transmission, at least within your own home.

Also helpful to have on hand are your favorite comfort items. Freeze some chicken noodle soup so you can skip cooking when sick, or get the ingredients for a slow cooker chili recipe together than freeze those (bonus: more humidity when you run the slow cooker).

If you can’t sleep with the sniffles, have a couple sinus flooding kits on hand. Or if it’s flu aches that get you down, make sure you’ve got a full bottle of Dakota Muscle Relief. Others like to veg out while running a nebulizer to support their lungs.

Make a list, then stock up now!

And It’s The Time To Focus

Whether you’re a student who will be facing midterms before you know it, or whether you’ll be responsible for end of year reports and tidying (aka extra work during the holiday season), make sure you have mental support, too.

Keep it together with colloidal gold, which is reported to boost memory, focus and concentration, and more (even hand-eye coordination!). When you’re a faster, better worker you’ll have more time for all the fun fall brings (even within the shorter days), or just more time to rest when cold and flu roll in!

What fall prep do you do?


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