Confident Golf DudeGolf isn’t just swinging at a ball—there’s a lot to remember, to calculate, to deduce. There’s always active learning. The time spent perfecting a swing, controlling it, fine-tuning your putting game. You need to be able to factor in the direction and speed of the wind, the dew on the grass, the slope, the clubs, and more.

And when you figure all that out, you need to pretend that it’s no effort, so you can be witty with your friends.

If you’re going to improve your game this year, you might want some mental support. Not a stimulant, or a sugary drink, but something natural, like colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold supplies an element missing from our soil, and our table—gold! It’s pure (non-iodized) nano gold particles suspended in water—small enough to pass easily through the body.

What kind of mental support does it offer? Memory, focus/clarity, hand-eye coordination, and a sharper eye. Everything you need to be at your best when you’re out on the greens.

Not sure if you need it? Think about it like this: it’s just as much work as a student might go through in a course, up through studying for a test. Researching new golf clubs, and how to use them (innovations are always being made!), staying focused through the nerves of a game (especially when the game is a networking opportunity, too), and being able to remember all the information—techniques to get out of sand pits, or for dealing with a tall/natural grass course.

And once you have all that mastered, your brain has to be able to layer on new information as your clubs change, or an expert shares tips, or the course gets updated.

If you haven’t tried it, order some colloidal gold now, and include it with your other daily supplements. Get your brain warmed up along with your swinging posture.

Has colloidal gold worked for you? Share your best gold tips in the comments:


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