Focus Word PrintWhether you’re meticulously planning how you’ll execute Thanksgiving, are working through end-of-year paperwork, or have finals and papers to get through, now’s the time to start giving yourself a mental boost!

Why start today? Because they’re all just around the corner! And because there aren’t any overnight solutions.

-First, the basics. Important enough it can’t be overstated, what you eat and how much you move has a huge impact not only on your health, but on your mental well-being.

Your energy level is very dependent on having the right nutrients, enough calories, and how much you use your body—it’s counterintuitive, but twenty minutes of exercising (a moderate-speed walk, even) every morning can actually improve how much energy you have in the afternoon, and how focused and productive you are!

Make sure you’re getting a daily multivitamin so you never miss out on essential nutrients, even if you miss a meal, are up late burning calories (AND nutrients—your brain is an energy hog!) or just over-do it on the holiday cookies. If you don’t think you can spare twenty minutes in the morning, work on finding ways to get #SneakyExercise into your day. (If you’re studying/writing a paper, pacing may actually improve your creativity, nevermind get your body moving!).

-Next, the boost!

Caffeine in the form of tea or coffee is a given for most people—but at this point, people barely even discuss that caffeine pills and prescription medications (like for ADD) are just as common not only for students, but office workers. No one talks about it, but these are increasingly common among all levels of society. Is it a problem? It can be—exceeding safe dosage or recommendations can be easy, especially if you’re using them in a bind (last minute-cramming, trying to get through a holiday). They can even impact your ability to drive safely.

That’s why you should prepare early—not just with your work, but with how you support your brain. And that’s the key word, support, not stimulate (or really, over-stimulate). Colloidal gold is great for people who feel like they need extra support. It’s reported to boost focus, memory, hand-eye coordination, and more!

-Finally, therapy? I’m not talking about depression or anxiety. I’m talking about how you handle sensory issues.

It’s not new, but it’s newly named and studied. This is one of those things you may not realize is draining the quality of your life until you meet someone else who’s dealt with it. Some new studies even suggest it’s genetic—so you may not realize something is “off” that you can fix if you’re around a bunch of other people with the same problems.

What am I talking about? It could be lots of things, since there are a range of different sensory-processing abilities. Does walking around big box stores with their bright, sometimes noisy displays, jumbled aisles, and fluorescent lights take something out of you? Even if it’s a quick visit? Do you have a list of small things that bother you—other people breathing, eating, or the smallest of noises rooms over? Do you handle several different, competing emotions at once?

There’s a number of things it can be, and a few therapy sessions can give you the toolbox to manage whatever it is.

Why is it important? Because at times like holidays, busy work periods, or sometimes just a busy, average day, it can be a secret weight around your neck, draining your mood, energy, and ability to “even”. And I want to mention it because some of the people researching are starting to suggest their yet-to-be-published studies could be relevant to 20% or more of Americans (I say Americans because we’re a diverse bunch, and again, it looks to be genetic).

Something to consider!

In any case, deal with what you can, now! Start with the basics (eating-exercising-sleeping), then get a natural boost, like colloidal gold!

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