In An Absence Of Research, Caution Is Best


Some studies have found that ionic gold is a neurotoxin, while fewer studies have found that ionic gold has no negative health risks. Knowing (at least with nano silver particles) that ionic and non-charged particles react differently in vivo, it’s worth some caution.

Ionic gold salts are injected into skin and used to treat arthritis (although traditionally thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, a new school of thought says gold inactivates proteins associated with auto-immune disease), as an element of cancer treatments, and now gold is the newest trend in skin care.

Possibly because of it’s potential anti-inflammatory properties, new (expensive) lines of antiaging creams are including gold—but most of it is (cheaper) ionic gold, not the (potentially safer) non-ionized gold, also known as colloidal gold or nano gold particles.

Because of the potential risk for neurotoxicity, make sure any gold containing products you pick up are free of ionic gold.

Have you tried any awesome antiaging creams? Did they contain gold?


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