Man On BeachFor over 60 years Western scientists have been studying the effects of meditation. We’ve found that groups who meditate tend to have better cardiovascular health and are happier (to generalize) than groups who don’t. Today, we can use MRIs and other advance scans to actually watch the brain and the body while studied practitioners meditate.

The results have been strong enough that doctors will even recommend it. The latest study says that you can notice a marked difference in just three days of 25 minute sessions—take a second and compare that to medications, which can take weeks to kick in, and have a high cost (if you don’t have grade A insurance).

Here are three ways to try it:

For Focus:
-Be mindful. Spend your half-hour focusing on your body from the bottom up. Flex your muscles if you need to as you go (curl and relax your toes, clench your calves, and so on).

For Anxiety:
-Focus on letting it go. Take something you’re obsessing over, or just interrupting thoughts, and visualize them going away (floating into the clouds, drifting down a river, whatever suits you). You can also do—breathe in the good, out the bad.

For Stress:
-Clear your mind. Choose a phrase (could be a poem or affirmation you like), a picture (you can even place it in front of you for reference) and focus on it—recreate it, fill in the details, etc. Make it a single point of focus.

Naturally Support Your Efforts:

Colloidal gold is reportedly beneficial for focus and mental clarity, and is a popular product for meditators.

If you want to do a little more to fight your stress and anxiety, try D.S.A. MGRx, which is formulated with St. John’s Wort to help your body fight anxiety.


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