The end of the year will be here soon. If you’re thinking ahead to next year, why not set some brain goals for 2018? Here are some ideas to inspire you. Get ready with a little support from colloidal gold (it supports your mind to help with memory, mood, energy, hand-eye coordination, and more).

Here are some easy goals to add to your to-do list for 2018:

-Make more memories. Don’t just leave a trail on Instagram, make sure you’re snapping that mental flash bulb, too. Mindfulness is a great way to help be in the moment in a way that helps create clear memories, or you could just start a journal to keep track of the best moments of 2018 (make sure to read from it New Year’s Eve next year!).

-Learn something new. There’s so much information online, from simple life skills to free courses from top universities. Spend some of the time you’re browsing building some new information, and you can use it as conversational fodder, to save a little money DIY, or just to sharpen your brain.

-Make that something new a skill, and hone your physical reflexes, too. A craft, a hobby, or some useful activity around the house keeps you active and sharp at the same time.

-Focus on yourself. Maybe it’s not what you do, it’s just that you do less, and give yourself more room to breathe. Your mood, your energy, just generally being your best takes a little self-reflection and self-care. Clear your mind and reset your life so in 2018 you can be the best you, and bloom in the New Year.

For all your personal goals, make sure you’re getting a daily boost from colloidal gold. Try it for a month and see the benefit to your memory, creativity, mood, and more.

Share your goals for 2018 in the comments:


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