Soccer Business MenWhether you practice piano, soccer, golf, or meditation, the key is repetition, and teaching your brain the “muscle memory”, focus, skill, and more that is required to be good at whatever you choose to do.

Spring tends to motivate people—sure, there’s winter sports, and indoor sports—but it’s the smell of spring (coupled with half remembered New Year’s Resolutions) that kicks everyone into gear!

Some say it takes 10,000 hours (plus or minus natural talent) to become truly good at something. Getting through that much work requires a lot of focus! And not just doing it, but improving as you go—that’s the real catch!

So what can you do to boost your practice?

-Make sure you take care of your body. Hunger, fatigue, aches and pains—not only are these distractions, but they can stand between you and success. Always start with the basics!

-Once your body is in check, work your mind. Here’s something often neglected: all those different things you can practice? If you can do more than one, you’re doing yourself a favor. Ballet helps you get across the field better, chess improves problem solving skills, and flexes your mind a different direction than a creative hobby—meditation will improve pretty much anything (even Olympic teams often get a crash course!).

-Then, support your mind with the boost that colloidal gold offers! Colloidal gold is reported to support memory, focus, clarity, and more mental functions. Whether you need the calm focus the golf course requires, clarity to see your path across the soccer field, or memory to get through a recital, make sure that you’re doing everything you can!

What hobby do you need a mental boost for?


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