Sad Man in HospitalThere have been past studies that have found strong correlations between chronic infections (or even just chronic inflammation) and depression. Now, researchers have discovered a strong correlation between suicide and hospitalization for infection—it may in fact account for 1 in 10 suicides.

For healthcare workers, it means that mental health needs to be a bigger priority, especially for patients with physical maladies.

For everyone else, there’s lots you can do to take care of yourself:

Watch for symptoms, both physical and mental. Whether you’re seeing signs of redness, pain, and swelling, or feeling uninspired, fatigued, and sad, anything out of the ordinary that lasts more than a couple of weeks (or quickly escalates over a few days) is worth getting checked out. Early detection is worth a lot.

But prevention is always worth more. You can prevent infection with frequent hand washing, keeping wounds clean according to a doctor’s instruction, and keeping everything else clean with good old soap and water or occasional bleach (to prevent superbugs, especially on very dirty objects).

You can also support your body. Give your immune system the daily support of colloidal silver. While it’s easy to catch the big things, there’s lots of little things that go on day-to-day, and it can accumulate. Scratched (by food) or inflamed gums, nicks from shaving, nail problems, paper cuts, bumps and bruises (and during summer time, more bumps and scratches and bug bites and more).

And don’t forget to support your mind. Make sure you have mental care built into your day the same way you plan healthy meals and exercise (so, reducing stress and meditation might pair with that). In addition, you can give your brain mental support too. For a mood boost that also encapsulates things like memory, focus, and more, try colloidal gold. If you need some stronger support for depression, stress, and anxiety, try D.S.A. Select. (You can get both in our Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Pack).

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