Business Woman Getting OrganizedChange is here. Kids are back in school, the very hot summer we have is easing up, and some stores are already transitioning to holiday merchandise. While change can be good, it can knock us off focus. With Back-To-School sales going, it’s a good time to stock up on organizational supplies to help you focus and meet your goals.

But don’t just look outward, look inward, too. Improving focus, memory, and buckling down to meet your goals requires more than just outward organization and tools, it requires some inward “organization”, too! A good place to start is the support of colloidal gold, which does even more than support memory and focus, but also mood, hand-eye coordination, and more.

You won’t meet your goals if your body and mind aren’t working with you. While that can mean taking to bed with the flu, you’d be surprised how many smaller things can add up, too (think of the lion with a thorn in his paw). Good health habits support your immune system and help overcome little problems from inflammation to exposure to new illnesses (most of which your body beats, but it adds up). Things like getting enough sleep and eating well may play a bigger role than you realize. For extra support, try colloidal silver.

And then there’s the mental prep: you have everything in front of you, but you just can’t build up the inertia to get started. Or maybe to overcome the hardest part. Or to finish.

If you didn’t take care of the physical stuff, that can be where you get stuck. You’re hungry, or tired, or restless. Or you’re clouded with minor inflammation. But sometimes a block is a block. It may not be a popular answer, but exercise is a great block remover, and has been shown in studies to stimulate creativity. Even just pacing may be your body trying to kickstart your thoughts.

There are lots of neat things you can try to boost your ability to focus and get things done. One trend is the bullet journal, a way to take handwritten notes and to-do lists and blend them together in one uber-organized place. Trying out some new habits (there’s some change again!) might be the right sort of shake-up to reinvigorate you toward your goals.

For more of a boost, try colloidal gold as a daily supplement. While it can help boost focus before big events like presentations or important work, as daily support you might find that all of that extra focus, concentration, and memory builds up until you’ve met some goals, or made some big changes.

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