Sad Christmas Man1 in 13 Americans suffer from depression, but few get treatment for it.

Probably because treatment is perceived as long and expensive. The best treatment for depression is talk therapy—but you have to find the right therapist (which can definitely take trial and error) and spend months working through your problems, and learning ways to cope. It’s great, but the problem with being depressed is you don’t have that spark to get started.

More woman are affected than men, and this time of year can really trigger symptoms. But that doesn’t mean you should suffer through it. Take charge and enjoy what should be the most special days of the year!

So take baby steps. Support yourself—find little ways each day to make a change, and maybe you’ll find that bigger step.

Try MesoGold. MesoGold colloidal gold is reported to support mental focus, memory, and more—possibly helping you to poke holes through the fog.

You can also try a daily multivitamin so your mind and body have all the nutrients needed, and absence of one isn’t causing a bottleneck to happiness.

Those are little changes that can be added to your morning routine, then try some bigger steps:

-Exercise will give you a “feel good” for doing something positive and productive, while producing lots of endorphins for a nice mental boost and more feel goods.

-Pets, or just petting and interacting with a pound puppy, help lower blood pressure, give feelings of happiness, and pet owners typically live longer.

-Find people to talk to, even if you’re just running errands when things aren’t busy so you can corner the clerks for a few minutes exchange of local goings-on.

-Better yet, find a hobby. Purpose, accomplishment, and keeping busy all rolled into one. And most hobbies are great gateways to meeting new people (and have built in conversation fodder!).

-Join a support group. Online, in person, 1 in 13 people is quite a few people suffering depression, and supporting each other is mutually productive. Maybe you just share how you succeeded in finding ways to fight the fog.

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