You may have seen the recent news story about how people in the gulf coast, particularly those working to clean up the spill, have begun to come down with severe illnesses. Some have had brown vomit and other severe flu symptoms. Others have experienced extreme burning pains and bleeding from the ears. Those mildly affected are suffering from increased respiratory problems, such as asthma.

Although nothing has officially been determined, possible culprits to the illnesses include exposure to large amounts of crude oil, chemical dispersants sprayed by BP and the government, or (according to BP and the Coast Guard) some other source such as food poisoning.

One of the chemicals sprayed is thought by some to be a genetically modified (GM, as in GMO genetically modified organism) biological agent. Although at this time there is not enough research to validate this claim, those in need of a “super antibiotic” are being treated with colloidal silver by doctors giving aid to the area. Since antibiotic resistant bacteria are still susceptible to colloidal silver, it’s use is saving those with symptoms of infection.

Some of the sprayed dispersants have reacted with the oil and are being picked up into the rain, and are spreading in that manner, so it’s not just oil-spill workers but residents who are being affected. Since nothing has been officially recognized yet (causes analyzed, symptoms categorized and reported) it’s hard to say exactly how many people, and which areas have been specifically affected.

Fishing (and shrimping) in areas contaminated with oil is occurring, so be aware of where any seafood you buy comes from (or just avoid seafood for the time being).

How do you feel the oil spill in the gulf is being handled?


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