Although most people wonder about the difference between colloidal silver made with non-ionized silver nano particles and “colloidal” silver made with ionic silver (read about that here or here), there are other questions that may crop up, especially as makers of other products make contradictory claims.

Does colloidal silver go into blood stream?

Yes. Most colloidal silver will pass through the gastrointestinal tract, while some will get absorbed into the blood stream (in fact, studies on rats have found that nano silver particles can pass throughout the body, including passing through the blood brain barrier). Contrary to other claims, although colloidal silver does not truly “dissolve” it is still able to pass through the body.

What about dissolving?

While ionic silver may dissolve, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Some substances don’t dissolve in water because they’re repellent to water’s polarity (water molecules have a positive end and a negative end). Charged substances, like ions, are held in place by their attraction to the polarity (“dissolved”). When something is dissolved, it forms a solution.

Non-ionized particles like nano silver move in water (colloidal silver is, in fact, those particles suspended in water) just fine.

I head colloidal silver is made up of “clumps” of silver particles. Explain that?

Colloidal silver is made up of pure silver particles suspended in water. For example, MesoSilver brand colloidal silver has a particle size of .65 nanometers, or about 9 silver molecules. To achieve this size (the smallest silver nano particle available as a true colloidal silver) requires advanced manufacturing techniques.

Other companies may claim to have fewer atoms, however, there is a BIG difference. First, it’s not PURE silver. If you read the fine print, there is a molecule holding those few silver particles together!

A note on ionic silver:

Ionic silver bonds with other ions, especially phosphorous, and ends up accumulating along the cell wall (this build up may be how people get argyria, the condition that turns skin blue). Non-ionized colloidal silver particles pass through the cell, and while they may “cluster” with phosphorous and other elements/molecules, they don’t bond, and are still able to move through, and eventually out of, the body.

What other colloidal silver questions do you have?


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