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While modern studies may just be taking a look at colloidal silver, it’s been around for centuries. Today, nanosilver particles are used in everything from paint anyone can buy (meant to keep walls germ free), to professional antimicrobial applications (where they spray everything in high-risk environments), to specially coated materials in hospitals from the surfaces in the room to the objects put inside you (like catheters), and beyond.

But it’s not new, although taking out just the nanoparticles technically is. Colloidal silver, and silver in general, has been associated with medicine and healing for centuries. It’s been used for everything from keeping milk fresh, to helping wounds heal, to general, everyday immune support as colloidal silver. Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was used (when they were first invented, antibiotics were cheaper and easier to make available to everyone). Today, as antibiotics fall to antibiotic resistance, some researchers are returning to colloidal silver, which doesn’t cause resistance, bringing everything full circle.

Colloidal silver, as a reminder, is nanoparticles of pure silver suspended in pure water, resulting in a gray-blue liquid. There are many easier to make and cheaper variations (that science even says don’t work as well) that call themselves colloidal silver that really aren’t. Clear ionic silver solutions (where the silver is charged and will immediately find something to bond into a molecule with), protein solutions, and even cheaper to make products where the silver is already in a compound (often the stuff you can get at the store meant to support wounds).

True, pure colloidal silver which contains the smallest nanoparticles remains the best version. Past independent lab results have shown that when taken as a supplement, colloidal silver eventually passes out of the body in urine, sweat, etc.—also making true colloidal silver the safest to use as a supplement.

Today, you can still use traditional colloidal silver as daily immune support, topical wound healing, and more. It may have new modern uses, but the original ones are still there. Take colloidal silver as daily immune support, or spray it on broken skin to aid healing. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this traditional tool.

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